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  • (Yelp Review) Could not recommend a vet more than I do of Dr. Kim Basher! She’s compassionate, loving and only recommends what’s best for your pet, not what makes her the most money. I have two small dogs both of which she recommended only what is necessary for their optimal health regarding vaccinations, boosters etc. Dr. Basher asks questions about your pet, their habits, daily routine etc and then makes recommendations. Both my dogs are tiny and do not need near what the humane society would have given them for double the cost. I know because I went that route before finding Dr. Basher. Call her. You’ll thank me later. S.S., Boulder, CO

  • (Yelp Review) Dr. Kim Basher is a veterinarian of the highest caliber. She has a remarkable diagnostic gift, and treats her canine/animal clients with unprecedented compassion. Dr. Basher unconditionally cared for my beloved Anatolian Shepherd as if she were a member of her own family. It’s an incredible gift to find a veterinarian who is fully present in all aspects of treating/caring for a beloved animal. If you are looking for a veterinarian who values “scientific knowledge and skills for the benefit of society through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of livestock resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge” than Dr. Kim Basher is the only wise choice. I not only highly recommend her, but encourage folks to actively seek out Dr. Basher for all of their veterinary needs. There’s no better human being, let alone veterinarian. Jen K., Boulder, CO

  • “I love this vet. I was so glad that I found her when I had a cat that I needed to have euthanized on a Sunday. She was there within an hour, and the compassion she showed was so helpful. I have been using her ever since for various things. I have 5 cats, and I feel that, if possible, the home care is the best. Her rates are remarkably reasonable. Highly recommend.” Maggie S, Boulder, CO

  • “What great fortune to have found Dr. Basher! The depth of care, compassion, kindness and generosity that she brings to her clients, both canine and human is unparalleled. A reliable and trusted expert, Kim is more than a medical professional – she is a trusted advisor and compassionate friend. Dr Basher is a rare gift and I’d recommend her to anyone looking for top-notch, loving care for their pet.”Shawn and Emma, Boulder, CO

  • “Dr Basher is an amazing compassionate home Vet. We have 4 large dogs and 2 cats. The convenience of having a knowledgeable vet come to your home is priceless. I love having access to her via the phone and if an emergency should arise it is comforting to know that I can count on her at any hour if need be. I highly recommend her. For the best reference witness the wags and licks she gets when she is greeted at our front door.”Dawn Korres and the animals Shakira, Rico, Chai, Cronus, Siamber and Deeksha; Boulder, CO

  • “Dr. Kim Basher redefines pet care. She brings an incredible blend of intelligence, gentleness, strength, compassion, and humor to a complicated profession. Dr. Basher is one of those rare individuals that are truly blessed by pursuing their calling… she was meant to be a veterinarian. Dr. Basher diagnosed my pug with a rare parasite that my previous vet did not know existed, demonstrating her extensive experience and knowledge in the field. She also aided my through the most difficult of decisions when it was time for my beloved companion to leave. Dr. Basher truly cares for you and your pet. Words cannot come close to conveying the profound respect I have for Dr. Basher and I readily and wholeheartedly recommend her and her services. You cannot possibly find a better doctor for your pet.” Bill M, Boulder CO

  • “Dr. Kim Basher provided veterinarian services for my 3 dogs and 4 cats over an 8 year period. I found her to be an exceptional veterinarian, with extensive knowledge of both traditional and homeopathic treatments. She was always there for my animals when they (and I) needed her, even with very short notice at times. Kim is devoted to her “patients” and clearly loves working with animals. She always has their best interests in mind, actively consulting and educating her human clients on treatment options and best practices. I miss her greatly. Kim’s new clients in Colorado are very lucky to have her.”Mary Richter

  • “Kim, You have been the most dependable FRIEND for me and all my “kids”. We all love you and miss you very much.”​ H.Roth (Age: 88)

  • “Having a home vet is the best. So convenient and very low stress for you and your pet, just answer the door and there she is! Dr. Basher is a true animal lover. How many vets do you know that will get down on the floor with the animal and roll around with him as though part of the pack. Our dogs have all loved Dr. Basher. They always get very excited when they hear her car pull into the driveway. Jenny Caine

  • “Dr Kim Basher is my all-time favorite vet. The fact that she makes house calls is frosting on the cake. I loved her realistic approach to my animals vet care. She would explain all options of treatment, allowing me to choose what made the most sense for me. I appreciated her willingness to tackle a unique situation with careful and current research. And lastly, my dogs were more relaxed during the exam/treatments because they were in their home.I may have to move to Colorado I miss her so much.” ~Lynne Ramsey

  • I met Kim in 1998 when I owned an Akita. My dog was terrified of tile floors so going to the vets office was a nightmare,the thought of having a vet come to my house was great. Like many Akitas mine was not overly friendly but Kim was able to deal with him and remained our vet until she had to put him down.Kim was so caring during this time she was kind and gentle to both my dog and me making the loss just that much easier. When I got my two labs three months later I knew I would continue to keep Kim as my vet ,she puts her love for animals and respect for their people first ,never pressuring you to have any test or procedures done unless she really thinks it is necessary and will explain why she thinks it is necessary. Having Kim come to the house is far less stressful for all involved no sitting in waiting and treatment rooms,my dogs greet her at the door,rummage through her bag looking for the cookies , the experience is always ended on a happy note.All of us in San Diego CA who had the pleasure of having Kim as their vet truly miss her and would welcome her back…..San Diego’s loss is Colorado’s gain. “Viki Ward

  • (Yelp Review) “Far and away the best vet we have ever had. From diagnoses to treatment, Dr. Basher’s commitment to her clients and animals are unparalleled. She is warm and friendly, intuitively knowledgeable, and extremely compassionate about the welfare of our animals. We have had many animals over our 10 year history with Dr. Basher, many of them under “special” circumstances, such as semi-feral cats, or cats with very unusual health problems. She always went out of her way to help us, spending many long hours doing research, and then patiently explained her findings, recommended reasonable procedures, and prescribed “common sense” approaches for treatment. She’s just the best there is!” Kristin P, Carlsbad, CA

  • “Dr. Basher cared for our cat Archy through four years of kidney disease. Her experience and genuine care for us and our cat prolonged his life and took much of the stress out of a process that could have been much more difficult. She listened carefully and took the time to explain everything that was happening and all of our options. We were always confident that Archy was getting the best care possible, and we felt that we always were able to make the best decision. Ultimately, Archy did not die from kidney disease, which is a testament to the excellent care that he received. We would recommend Dr. Kim Basher as a Veterinarian to any pet owner.”Tom & Tasha Hicks

  • “Kim is the greatest! My 15 year old cat gets so stressed when she has to be put in a carrier and taken to the vet. With Kim’s housecalls, my cat- Mimi- would be totally mellow and always well taken care of. Kim has a heart of gold and I recommend her to anyone who would prefer not to hassle with the sterile traditional veterinary environment. It’s the loving thing to do!”Cathleen Murakami”

  • Dr. Kim Basher is fantastic! I have several pets from guinea pigs to cats and dogs and Dr. Basher took care of all of them. It was the best decision to have her come to our home. My pets were more relaxed, no stress taking them to the vet. This is the only way to go for routine visits, shots, checkups, etc. I highly recommend Dr. Kim Basher. My pets were all great with her, and she was very loving to them, we will miss her here in California!!!”Destry Labo, March 2, 2010; Carlsbad, CA”

  • Dr. Basher was our vet for several years in San Diego; she cared for all of our pets. Her “at home” service was greatly appreciated by both humans and animals. We found her to be extraordinarily caring, conscientious, knowledgeable, and always ready to deal with any of our pet’s health problems. It’s far less traumatic for a pet to be treated at home than to have to endure a trip to the vet hospital. It was a sad day for us when Dr. Basher moved out of the area but we can recommend her without reservation both as a great veterinarian and as a great person.”Gerry & Karla Alvey

  • “This is testimonial to Kim Basher DVM. We had moved to the area where she practiced. We are a multiple animal household and it was wonderful to have caring KIM always ready to help with a sick animal. As busy as she was…….she always had time to make a housecall. It was very comforting to know she was there to help. I miss her!” Jackie Alcott“

  • On February 11, 2003, I wrote a letter to Kim Basher, thanking her for her care of my animals – dogs Abby and Casey and several cats. I would like to quote from it here, then go on to tell you about our association from then until she left for Colorado.You have a rare combination of veterinary skill, acute observation, and empathy for your patients and the people who care for them. You see the whole animal – how he walks and lies down, how he looks at the world, how he relates to the other animals in the household (including the people). What results is far greater than the sum of its parts.Your virtuoso performance in excising Abby’s tumor amazed me – on the living room rug in lousy light, too. You find Abby’s bladder and stick the needle in so that she doesn’t even flinch. When Abby had the ear infection, you cleaned out her ears with such precision – I know it’s a job many veterinarians would consider beneath them, but you did it with the care you do everything else. You do what needs to be done for the animals’ health. It doesn’t seem to matter to you if it’s bringing them catnip, filling their water bowl, or operating on them.Abby and Casey are in better spirits and better health than they were when you started treating them. It’s not just the medications and procedures, which have been very effective, but your suggestions about such things as baths and meatball pill-holders and the undivided attention you give them. Your recommendation that I make roasts for Casey and Abby worked – they eat better when I cook them a roast, then on non-roast days eat dog food with more gusto – and, even more important, they are a lot happier about it than if I had given them an appetite-arousing pill. I know Casey hasn’t long to live, but his life is as good as it can be, given his condition – and that’s a good deal because of you.You have a genius for understanding animal behavior. The way you cast a dog biscuit at Casey at an angle so he can see it is only one example. You get down on the floor where the animals are, so they are not frightened, and you understand and even are amused by what most people would call mischief (I’m thinking of Arthur and Millie [kittens] here).I think many of us learn when studying for a profession that distancing oneself is all-important. You didn’t learn that in veterinary school or else you rejected it, and I’m enormously grateful. I believe that you probably suffer more because of the way you are, but you contribute far more than someone who has put a wall between herself and her patients and sees only disfunctioning body parts.You also have feeling for your patients’ human companions and the dynamics of their relationship.. I’ve learned from you. I treat my animals with more sensitivity because of what you have taught me. I can’t thank you enough.Abby and Casey, my two old dogs, died, both at age 15. Abby died suddenly. Soon after that Kim euthanized Casey when his quality of life became very poor. She did it with such great sensitivity; I cannot express how much difference it made for him (he never suffered at all) and me. When I adopted Louie, a German shepherd puppy from a foster group, Kim took care of him, seeing him through a histiocytoma and various other ills. She is, far and away, the best of all the veterinarians (I think there have been around ten) who have treated my animals. “ Ann Elwood