The Home Vet of Boulder: Have you ever considered a veterinary house call?

The Home Vet of Boulder: Have you ever considered a veterinary house call?

It is an affordable option! And it makes perfect sense for many pets. In my practice a basic housecall fee is $60 and an examination fee ranges from $10-$20. If I see multiple animals only additional exam fees apply.

Cats especially dislike car rides and foreign environments. Many dogs have fear or aggression issues or are old, or just would rather be on their home turf. Humans like the convienece and kids can watch and be involved.

Most procedures can be done in your homne except for x-rays and major surgeries.

Exams, vaccinations, blood work, fecal tests, illness work ups, minor surgical procedures, biopsies/aspirates, acupuncture and euthanasia are some of the most common procedures performed in the home.

Some example home visits include:

  • I have several cats in my Boulder Practice who were just not feeling right. Blood work revealed that they had kidney disease and they are now being treated with fluids, proper diet and medication. The owners are happy and their kitties are “back to normal”.
  • A dog in Longmont has recurring episodes of old dog vestibular disease. The owner calls me regularly when incidents occur and she is concerned. We are in the process of working up this sweet pug.
  • A 21-year-old cat in Louisville was practically unable to walk. She was very weak and had been acting strangely for sometime. She was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. Now she takes 1 pill-a-day and acts as if she is 10-years-old.
  • Finally, an older 95 lb dog in Broomfield with many body lumps was having a more difficult time taking walks with his owner. We did a small blood test and found he is hypothyroid. He is now being treated for his pain and thyroid. He is now swimming, walking his regular walks and losing weight.

Overall mobile veterinary services can be a great fit for many families – providing cost-effective, great care with less stress for your animals.